Alexander Cheburkov

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The Alexander Ivanovich Cheburkov’s workshop is situated in the ancient Russian town of Pavlovo which is located on the bank of the Oka River, 420 kilometers to the east from Moscow. The workshop opened its doors in 2001. Historically, Pavlovo has been a developed town where masters who produced knives, scissors and locks lived and worked since ancient times.

The workshop is engaged in production of highly qualitative folding knives, knives for hunting, fishing and tourism. They work on the hi-tech equipment with application of the qualitative and modern types of steel and materials. But the main thing for them is hand labor and manual assembly of a product.

Each knife is put together  by the master from beginning to end. When you take a knife in hand, you feel an inexpressible energy of a knife and warmth of hands of the master who has made the knife!

In Russia, the Cheburkov’s workshop has gained the reputation of a workshop of the best quality knives.

Since 2015 this workshop has come to the international level and has gained love and trust in the other countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and the USA.


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