Alexander Cheburkov – Custom Bulldog – San Mai


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker
Handle Material:  Copper Shred CF / Titanium
Blade Steel: San Mai
Blade Length: 2  1/4″
OAL: Open  5  3/4″

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Donate to Fight Parkinson's with The Fort

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 Alexander Cheburkov

I am proud to be the Exclusive Dealer in the US to offer these high quality Russian made knives.  I had heard nothing but good things and was so intrigued that I just had to experience them.  I have to say that I am VERY pleased with what I have to offer my customers.

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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Alexander Cheburkov knives 

~ Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker ~

I like Wide Knives that fill the palm.  If you are like me and enjoy the Robust feeling yet Smaller Footprint of such a Blade, then consider this wonderful Bulldog ~ Custom made by Alexander Cheburkov

Cheburkov bulldog closed

  • Wide Robust Design – Full Size Grip 
  • Copper Shred Carbon Fiber Front Scale
  • San Mai Blade
  • Excellent Detent 
  • Perfect Blade Seating 
  • Caged Internal Bearings
  • Excellent Flipping Action
  • Perfect EDC / Legal in Most States 
  • Cheburkov bulldog openA wonderful, Impressive design with a subtle Flipping Mechanism, the Flipper is very unobtrusive yet it deploys the blade effortlessly. The Detent on this example is excellent and the Blade Fires open very quickly due to the wonderful Blade Balance and the Internal Bearing System.  The Beautiful San Mai blade on this Cheburkov Bulldog has a Wide Profile and Fine Distal Taper.  

Cheburkov bulldog blade

  The Thick Titanium Frame Locks up Early and extremely Secure and this model also has a Hardened Stainless Steel / Replaceable Lock Bar Insert.

 This Cheburkov Bulldog embodies a Compact, Hand Filling Blade. Complete with a Half Length Titanium Backspacer, Polished and Anodized Gold for a pop of color. 


 Custom “Hidden Screw” Low Rider pocket Clip is set for Tip up Carry.


A superb knife that will make you rethink your daily EDC!

Complete with the Certificate of Authenticity and Original Box.


 I have Only ONE ~ Don’t miss out!

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Blade Steel

Type of knife

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