I offer FREE Lay A Way ~ No Fees, No Interest, No Penalty for early payoff. Available on all knives with a selling price greater than one hundred ($100) dollars.

– Methods of payment for Free Lay A Way are Bank Draft or Personal Check/Money Order. I can also accept PayPal or CC with 3.5% Fee

– The knife may be held on LAW for up to ninety (90) days past the purchase date.

– Shipping cost and taxes are added to the first Lay A Way payment.

How it works:

On the product screen, select the layaway option before placing the item in your cart.

A total of Twenty-five percent (25%) of the total cost will be paid at the time of checkout. We will follow up by sending you a layaway invoice that includes a payment schedule and additional payment options. Thereafter, twenty-five percent (25%) is due each thirty (30) days with the balance due before ninety (90) days has elapsed. Shipping costs and taxes are added to your initial payment at checkout. A payment schedule will be provided but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure payments are made/received on time.

– A customer may have up to three (3) items on Lay A Way at any time. If more than one item is placed on Lay A Way, all payments for all items must be current before any one item can be paid off and shipped.

– The Bank Draft payment option is Free and is completed using a Secure Link contained within the Lay A Way Invoice. This same Link may be used to pay all subsequent payments. Your personal / Bank information is not transmitted to me, only the amount that you have paid.

– The second and third payments may still be made using Personal Check and/or Money Order via US Mail but the payment must be received before the date designated for that payment.

– A Customer may request to use PayPal or Personal CC for any payment if either of these methods is used a Convenience fee of 3.5% will be added to each payment.

Early Pay Off

If you would like to complete payment and receive your knife early there is no penalty for early payoff. Contact me at any time during the Lay A Way period to coordinate the pay off of your Lay A Way item(s).

Cancellation / Change

If at any time during the lay-a-way process a customer;

– Decides to exchange the item on Lay A Way for another item

– Decides to cancel the Lay A Way purchase

– Misses a payment (a grace period of 48 hours is given)

A refund or exchange will be made minus a Cancellation / Exchange Fee of 20% of the total value of the item being taken off layaway. The item(s) will be placed back up for sale. Refunds will be tendered by Check or back to your credit card/Pay Pal.