About Me

Hello from the Great Smoky Mountains, the most beautiful mountain range in the South.

I grew up in rugged mountain terrain and as a true “Appalachian American” I learned to fish, farm and hunt – all of which involved the use of a knife.

I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

In the early 1990’s I bought my first Custom Fixed blade. I became a Part time Knife Dealer in 1999. For over a decade I have been Buying, Selling and Trading in Custom knives. I have successfully completed thousands of transactions and I have worked hard to attain a sterling reputation in the knife community.

I am an avid Outdoorsman. I enjoy Fishing, Hiking, Camping and Competitive Marksmanship. I am a student of Knife history and I enjoy learning about the Makers who pioneered the custom knife making industry. I am a writer and occasionally submit an article for publication on a Maker or knife that I find particularly interesting. I am also a reluctant Knife Maker, I have been fortunate enough to spend time in the Shops of several well known Makers who have attempted to assist me in learning the craft. I say this to illustrate that I understand what a difficult endeavor knife making can be and I have an intimate knowledge of what goes into a quality knife.

I love the knife business. However, I limit my business to quality knives that are well built and to Knife Makers whom I tust, who are honest and offer superior products. There are some Makers that you will not see on my website.

I welcome you again, feel free to email me with any questions you may have.


Vincent Roberts