Shinichi Watanabe – Hand Forged Ajikiri


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Ho Wood
Blade Steel:
Laminated High Carbon

Blade Length: 4 1/8"
OAL: 8 5/8"


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Traditional Japanese Kitchen Cutlery

One of the joys of owning knives is experiencing new kinds of cutlery from around the world.  Most chefs will agree that the Japanese make the best Chef’s knives and some examples can cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Here is an excellent example of Japanese Cutlery made the Traditional way by a Master of Bladesmiths in Japan. 

In a traditional Japanese Smithy every Master Maker must be skilled in making all manner of products, from wood working tools to excellent kitchen Knives as well as other Iron products.  This knife was made by an accomplished Maker from an old and well respected smithy – Shinichi Watanabe  of Japan. 

This knife is a Hand Forged Ajikiri often used for Fish but also enjoyed for all General work in the Kitchen.  The blade is made in a SanMai (Two Layer/Folded) process with a core of Japanese High Carbon White Label Steel.  This steel provides a High Rc value for the cutting edge while the outer layers or Iron around it provide toughness.  

The Blade is Chisel Ground (like Samurai Swords), sharpened on one side only and provides the keenest edge possible.  Easy to resharpen, the knife slices easily through even the toughest vegetable skin or meat and is a joy to use. 

Also, with this knife I will include a #1 Grade Bamboo  Cutting Board.  Bamboo has been used for centuries as a traditional cutting surface and is still preferred in most Asian countries, it is very hard so it does not scar easily yet it does not harm the edge of your blade, its easy to clean and looks great as serving tray. The Board is 14 1/2" L X 5 1/2" W.

Treat yourself to a great traditional Japanese Kitchen Knife, I know you will love it.


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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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