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Herb Derr – Big Bullnose Skinner – Hand Forged

Your Price: $425.00

Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker
Handle Material: Stabilized Stellar Sea Cow Bone
Guard: Nickel Silver
Blade Steel: Damascus
Blade Length: 4  3/4″
OAL: 9
Sheath: Leather

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Product Description


  I have been a Dealer for Herb Derr Custom knives for over a decade, long before I had a website I sold Herb’s knives at Gun & Knife Shows, most often to repeat Customers.  Herb’s pieces are sole authorship ~ he forges his own Damascus, grinds his own blades, makes his own Leather Sheaths and still finds time to Teach courses at a Community College on how to make Damascus.  

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Herb Derr 

  ~ Direct from the Maker from the Blade 2019 ~ 

  Here is a Big Bullnose Skinner from Herb that has high contrast Sole Authorship Birds Eye Skinner Damascus.  This is a great looking knife knife with artistic attributes, but I guarantee it will perform as good as it looks.  

 Herb explained that his high contrast – High Carbon Damascus blades have over 2,500 layers. This one is Especially Striking due to the beautiful & intricate Birds Eye Pattern. This Big Blade is one of the Thickest that Herb has Forged for me ~ measuring a Whopping .175 Thick! 

 The knife has a comfortable Full Grip handle molded from a Large Single piece of Fossilized Stellar Sea Cow Rib Bone.  This knife is Sized for a Med to Large Grip, or would work well if you wear gloves. 

This material is very dense and has beautiful Natural deposits of color HERE  is a link to some information on the extinct Stellar Sea Cow

On this knife Herb has also added some Vine Filework on almost the entire length of the Spine which looks great but serves a dual purpose of also replacing Thumb Ridges for grip enhancement. 

The handle is flanked by Nickel Silver Spacers and a Stabilized Spalted Maple forward spacer which adds a dash of contrast to the handle. 

The Heavy Leather RH Leather Belt sheath has the Skin of an African Ostrich Skin as the inlay.    

Don’t miss out on this one. 

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