At some point, as collectors progress up the “Quality Ladder” of knives, they finally ask “Where can I purchase Rockstead Knives?”

Where can I purchase Rockstead Knives?” is a question that signals a person is seeking the finest quality, handmade knives with incredible tolerances and exacting specifications. Rockstead Knives stand apart from other brands for these features:

  • The mirror-like surface and edge of the uniquely-shaped cutting blade
  • Steel configurations with extraordinary hardness and toughness
  • DLC or titanium aluminum coatings for rust prevention and overall protection

The eight-man Rockstead Knives staff of craftsmen work every blade individually on Rockstead’s own proprietary machine tools to achieve the high-quality work found only in a truly custom-made knife. This quality can be experienced in the cutting, finishing, swivel mechanisms, and every other aspect of a Rockstead Knife.

Rockstead Knives are not found in just any street corner collectables shop, department store, or even a specialty knife emporium. In fact, only a select few dealers in the US are Authorized to sell Rockstead Knives. Fort Henry Custom Knives in Kingsport, Tennessee, was among the first dealers in the United States to offer Rockstead Knives.

This is Not a Mass Produced Pocketknife

Over 70 years ago, Sakai Blade Smiths began manufacturing edged implements for horticultural and agricultural operations. They were unique in their development of knife-making processes and technologies that produce results equal to those obtained only by the hands of a master craftsman. The unique CNC machine tools used would later allow what became the Rockstead company (the name is the English translation of their founder’s name) to produce the exquisite work of a Sakai master craftsman in every product.

Japanese knife-making is both an art and science that dates back for multiple generations. Today’s Rockstead Knives combine modern metallurgy and technologies with ancient principles of individual craftsmanship to produce truly one-of-a-kind cutlery. Those who ask, “Where can I purchase Rockstead Knives?” should also be careful to discern they are purchasing a genuine Rockstead product from an Authorized Dealer.

Where Can I Purchase Rockstead Knives? – Beware of Scammers

Every high-quality product has its share of copycats, and Rockstead Knives are no different. When you ask or search, “Where can I purchase Rockstead Knives?” be sure you are connecting with a legitimate, reputable dealer who carries genuine Rockstead pieces. Fort Henry Custom Knives has carried select Rockstead Knives since 2006, and has a solid reputation among collectors and users from across the country.

While only only a few knife dealers carry Rockstead Knives, others work to pass off cheap copies in an attempt to profit from the Rockstead reputation. Beware of anyone peddling cast-off, low-quality, mass-produced copies for a tenth of the normal price for a genuine Rockstead Knife. Some online “discount venues” feature similar-looking pieces that use the Rockstead name.

Explore the Rockstead Knives on our website or call me at (423) 782-9920. You can also send an online message to inquire about these products. To be notified when new Rocksteads are listed, you can sign up to receive an Automated Notification by using my Maker Email Alerts system. Models we have in stock will vary from time to time due to the small quantity of knives produced by the company at any one time.