Rockstead Knives – UN- ZDP


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Cast Stainless Steel
Blade Steel: ZDP
Blade Length: 4″
OAL:  8  1/4
Sheath: Presentation Box
Guard: Integral

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Donate to Fight Parkinson's with The Fort

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 ROCKSTEAD KNIVES are easily recognized in an elite group of Production / Custom knives. They utilize the worlds most advanced machining tools and create parts to amazingly tight tolerances, but their small staff do all processing of the blades by hand. The factory-custom-knife is completely different from the mass-production-knife in  quality and fit & finish. 

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   Fort Henry Custom Knives is Proud to be a Direct Dealer for Rockstead Knives in the United States

Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker 

This is Rockstead’s UN Fixed Blade model ~ the Flagship of Rockstead’s Fixed Blade line. 

 With a Perfectly Convex Ground blade of ZDP steel ~ this is a wonderfully unique knife that will tackle any chore!  Due to the amazing Mirror Polished Blade finish it was very hard to take good photos of this knife. 

Rockstead Knives UN ZDP

 Here is but one Video that shows the amazing ability of Rockstead’s knives, a combined effort of the High Quality Blade Steel, Expert Heat Treat and the unique Honzukuri shaped blade! 

   The handle is a Traditional Japanse Cord Wrap with a Royal Bronze Menuki.  The handle is removable just like Traditional Japanese Swords. 

Rockstead Knives UN ZDP Handle

The ergonomics on this Knife are wonderful – and the Custom Thumb Ridges on the Spine aid the security and are very comfortable.   


Provided with a presentation box and all paperwork.

Rockstead Knives UN ZDP Reverse

If you want to experience the near perfection of what Man and Machine can accomplish in a knife ~ you need to own a Rockstead.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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