Willem Steenkamp

From a very young age Willem Steenkamp has enjoyed working with his hands.  Working with wood and steel, which he learned from his father, always kept him busy in the workshop. After building a knife making machine for a friend, he tried his hands at making a knife for himself.   The bug bit and he was hooked.

Willem sold his first knife in 2006 and was accepted as a guild member in 2008.

He spends all his free time in his work shop making fixed blade knives, sheaths and locking liners. 

Willem uses whatever materials are available – mainly N690, Damascus and dama steel for the Blades. Handle materials used are African hard woods, Giraffe bone, horn and some synthetic materials. 

Steenkamp says, “My goal in knife-making is to improve my skills on every knife I make.  I endeavor to learn as much as I can from other knife–makers that have the same interests as I have.”

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a dealer for Willem Steenkamp!

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