Herman Achterhuis / Achter Knives

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Herman started knife making three years ago. Afriend, who had been in the knife making business for years, introduced him to John Gray. John became his teacher, allowing Herman to look over his shoulder at his grinding technique.

He strives to make knives that are not just recognizable, but are also known for their quality and no-nonsense precision; he wants people to know there is no such thing as “almost right” with Achterknives.

His dedication to creating durable, smartly designed handcrafted products is a continuation on a path that was started many years ago by his grandfather. He was a blacksmith, an artisan, When Herman was a child, his grandfather would bring him to his shop and show Herman the magnificent machines used in his trade. But what Herman remembers is the pride that his grandfather took in the iron art he created.

Herman believes in the value of making something by hand, something that you put your heart and soul into, something that serves someone through the years, and maybe, is handed down to the next generation.





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