Dalibor Bergam

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Dalibor Bergam is 34 years old and living Croatia, Zagreb.

His love for knives began very early when his grandpa gave him his first knife at 7 or 8 years old.

He tried making his first knife right after finishing college of Civil Engineering. He couldn’t find a job so he thought that was a perfect time to try and build his own knife.

He had absolutely no prior knowledge in metal working and things like mill, lathe, or a surface grinder were all strange to him and he didn’t know how to work with them.

Little by little he was investing all his spare cash into new equipment and better tools.

When it comes down to why he makes knives the way he does, so thick and overbuilt, the simplest answer is that he just loves them overbuild. Each knife he makes as if he is making for himself.


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