Brian Tighe

BRIAN TIGHE – Custom KnivesVisit this maker’s website here: Brian Tighe

Canadian knife veteran Brian Tighe has spent the last 30 years honing his skills as a quality knife maker, creating award-winning knives that are constantly recognized in the industry for their bold sense of design, impeccable craftsmanship and precision engineering.

Brian Tighe specializes in custom folding tactical knives that combine high-tech materials with high-tech styling. Each blade is one-of-a-kind in style featuring original locks and steel designs known for their supreme functionality.

All of Brian’s tactical blades are made with top-quality Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Damasteel and other top-quality Stainless Steels. He is currently working with “Glow in the Dark” Carbon Fiber as well as “Glow in the Dark” inlays in various composites.


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