Brian Fellhoelter

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Brian is a folder maker. While there will always be the occasional fixed blade, folders are his passion. The steels he enjoys working with include CPM154, ATS-34, 440C, S30V, and Stainless Damascus from Chad Nichols. All of the metal parts on his knives that can be Titanium are Titanium including frames, liners, thumbstuds, bolsters, clips and spacers. Pretty much everything except for the blade. As far as handle materials go, he mostly uses Carbon fiber, G10, or Micarta.

For his birthday in August of ’05, he received Bob Terzuolas book. That was it; he got to planning his 1st knife. He built that knife the week of Christmas of ’05 while the machine shop he worked in was shut down for maintenance. It is a Titanium Bolstered, Titanium Liner Locking folder. Then, right after New Year ’06, he was laid off. He ended up at a meeting of the Southern California Blades knife collecting club and decided to ask some knife nuts what they thought of his 1st knife. There was so much interest in it, he decided to make some more. At this point, he figured he needed some motivation, so he bought himself a table at their Pasadena Show in February, just 2 months after finishing his 1st knife.

One of the things he enjoys most about making knives is creating something with his hands that will end up being used in your hands. He derives great pleasure from creating tools for others and himself to use. Also, the camaraderie of the knifemaking community is just a wonderful thing. He knows of no other industry where competitors will so willingly share knowledge and information with each other.


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