Arno Bernard

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Just outside of the beatiful Eastern Free State town of Bethlehem, situated in South Africa, lays the Arno Bernard Knives workshop.  It is here where Arno Bernard Jr founded the Arno Bernard Knives company in October 2005.  His wife, Zine Bernard, and brother, Franco Bernard, joined his company in 2007.  Since then – following in the footsteps of their well known knife maker father, Arno Bernard Sr – the two brothers are actively involved in the designing, manufacturing and selling of the knives, while Zine is responsible for customer relations and administration.

True to their vision – Arno Bernard Knives are handmade knives of outstanding quality and manufactured from premium materials at affordable prices.  The simple designs are both practical and aesthetical and therefore these knives are suitable for either collecting or everyday use.  Accordingly an Arno Bernard knife is an excellant companion, gift and heirloom.

At Arno Bernard Knives we believe that the quality of a knife lies in the type of steel, the type of grind, the handle material and finally the finishing of the knife.  We take great care to only manufacture knives of the highest quality in accordance with the above.

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