Mike Malosh – NEW Design – Pathfinder Camp Knife


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker
Handle Material: African Black Wood
Blade Steel: W2
Guard: Brass
Blade Length: 7  1/2″
OAL: 12  1/2
Sheath: Leather


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Mike needs no introduction as anyone who knows Quality Hunting knives or Scagel inspired cutlery is well aware of his work.  

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Mike Malosh custom knives

~ Direct from the Maker ~ 

Here is a New Design from Mike, for those that enjoy a big traditional Hand Forged knife here is a gorgeous example. This knife challenged the sizeof my Lightbox so some of the pics are at strange angles! 

This is a NEW Model of Mike’s that I call the Pathfinder Camp Knife 

Thick Custom Stabilized African BlackWood handle with Thin Nickel Silver, Brass spacers along with Thick Black and Red G-10 and Aluminum Spacers. The more than Full Size handle has a Custom Oval Shape that is extremely comfortable and fits the palm very well. 

 Mike Forged this blade from W2 which is an Excellent Steel having a broad range of components in the alloy. High in Carbon with Vanadium and Tungsten, this steel takes a Very Fine Edge and Holds It!  Perfectly ground, Full Convex Ground blade with a Zero Convex Edge must be used to appreciate has Sharp it truly is. 

Custom Aluminum Spacer just behind the Contoured Brass Guard. The blade is Silver Soldered at the Tang plus the Brass Guard is nicely contoured. Soldering of the Tang is something most Makers do not even attempt any more, due to the complexity of getting it just right. 

Perfectly gound Full Convex blade, a full 1  5/8″ wide and .200 Thick!  This big knife will make short work of Trail Clearing or Medium Camp or Game chores. The Hand Forged blade is Hair shaving sharp.

  Comes with a Right Hand Pig Leather belt sheath, Riveted and Stitched 

Here is what Mike says about his knives: “All my knives are hand forged from W2 steel from a single material source. This insures I always get the most consistent steel possible.  W2 is an old steel, but in researching and talking to the guys that have been forging for a long time, you would have to dig pretty deep to find a better knife steel. It will hold an edge, cut forever and never let you down. It is carbon steel so it will rust, but with a little care, it will last you a lifetime.

All my handle materials are hand cut and assembled with function and flow in mind. When the handles are completed they seem to melt into your hand like they belong there, the way a knife handle should”. 

Mike sells out at every show and he no longer accepts orders. 

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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