Hiroaki Ohta – Friction Folder


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood
Blade Steel:
Laminated Stainless

Blade Length: 2 3/8″
OAL: Open 5 7/8

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Hiroaki Ohta 

  Hiroaki Ohta has been hand crafting knives since 1989 and began knife making Full Time in 1998.  His folding knives are prized the world over for their precision and beauty.  Hiroaki Ohta’s knives have been featured in the KNIVES Annuals and appeared in BLADE magazine last year.  

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a direct Dealer for Hiroaki Ohta custom knives

Direct from the Maker from the NYCKS 2011

 I was Hiroaki’s first customer at the New York Custom Knife show and I was able to hand pick some of his most beautiful pieces.  This is an amazing knife in design and function, simple yet elegant.


A Friction Folder is the oldest of folding knife designs, ancient Friction Folders have recently been discovered in Rome where they were a standard item for men of wealth and privilege!  

This example by Hiroaki has hand carved Presentation grade Desert Ironwood handles. It has a very smooth action and Hiroaki has designed the handle to resemble a Dog’s Hind Leg so that it fits in the hand very comfortably.


 The blade is a beautiful combination of Laminated Stainless Steels.  The core is VG-10 with an RC of 60-61 and the exterior is Stainless steels of various grades used to create the unique Damascus pattern.  The blade is perfectly centered and operates smoothly, no play in any direction.


When opened, the Tongue is recessed into the handle and Hiroaki has inset into that area a natural resin which helps stick the tounge to assist in keeping the blade open, very ingenious.   *In this picture you can also clearly see the Lamination Line in the Steel Tang of the blade.

Hiroaki makes his own Leather Pocket Sheaths for every knife, well stitched and holds the knife securely.

A wonderful knife that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a Traditional / Quality product.   

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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