Herb Derr – Hand Forged – XL Straight Back Hunter – Sambar Stag


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker 
Handle Material: Sambar Stag 
Blade Steel: Hand Forged Damascus
Guard: Nickel Silver
Blade Length: 5  5/8″
OAL: 10  1/2
Sheath: Leather

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  I have been a Dealer for Herb Derr Custom knives for over a decade, long before I had a website I sold Herb’s knives at Knife Shows and Gun Shows, often to repeat Customers.  Herb’s pieces are sole authorship ~ he forges his own Damascus, grinds his own blades, makes his own Leather Sheaths and still finds time to Teach courses at a Community College on how to make Damascus.  

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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a direct Dealer for Herb Derr 

  ~ Direct from the Maker from Blade Show 2021 ~

I was Herb’s First Customer at the Show and I was able to Hand Pick the very best from his Table 

  Here is an common knife from Herb that you won’t find anywhere else ~ a Hand Forged Extra Large Straight Back Hunter from Herb’s own High Contrast Sole Authorship Birds Eye Damascus.  This is a great looking knife with artistic attributes, but I guarantee it will perform as good as it looks.  

Derr Knives

Herb explained to me that his High Carbon Steel Damascus Blades are Forged to have over 2,500 Layers.  Herb has expertly Hand Forged this bold Bird’s Eye Pattern, and it is repeated throughout the steel so it is similar on both sides. 

Herb Derr Damascus

   This Incredible Sambar Stag handle is truly remarkable ~ after the Ban on the Export and Sale of Stag from India almost 20 years ago, High Quality Stag like this has completely disappeared from the market.   This is a Single Large Piece with Incredible Natural Color and Gnarly surface texture. The Handle material is flanked by Nickel Silver Spacers and a Stabilized Spalted Oak spacer for color. 

Sambar Stag Knife Handle

This Size Handle is ideally suited for a Medium to Large Grip. Herb gave this one a subtle Double Nickel Silver Guard as well as Custom Hand Filework on the Spine, the Filework would do double duty as Thumb Ridges if choking up the blade. The Spalted Oak Spacer also has incredible Natural Grain and color. 

This is a truly wonderful Hand Made piece from Herb and it could easily claim it’s place among the best of any Derr or Damascus Knife Collection. 

Herb Derr Knives

  The Heavy Leather RH Belt sheath has a Boa Constrictor Skin inlay along with Custom Tooling around the mouth of the Sheath. Nice snug fit and a wonderful compliment to the knife. 

Don’t miss out on this one. 

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Blade Steel

Type of knife

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