Ti_Gear_Design – Lg Titanium “Cosmic Orb” Bead – Choice


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker 
Material: Titanium
OAL: 1/2″

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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Ti Gear Design 

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~ Just Received – New from the Maker ~

Here are several Gorgeous, Hand Crafted Lanyard Beads direct from Ti Gear Design 

Each Ti Gear Design Cosmic Orb Bead was crafted from a Single Piece of Thick, Titanium

Each Bead has Amazing Custom Anodizing and wonderful Detail and when rotated in natural Light you can easily see the Color variation!

This Large Size was made for a Knife Lanyard accessory or easy Key Chain carry.

ti gear design cosmic blue

The opening is large enough to accommodate 2 Strands of 550 Paracord (with the inner strands still inside) or a substantial piece of Leather.

Use the Drop Down Menu to select Your Choice of the Ti Gear Design Cosmic Orb.

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Each is a great piece with distinct style and craftsmanship

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions .25 × .25 × .25 in

Dark Blue w/Craters, Purple, Blue #1, Blue #2, Blue #3

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