Darriel Caston – Katana X – Manual OTF


Item Condition: New
Source:  From Maker
Frame: Titanium
Blade Steel: M390
Blade Length:  2 “
OAL Closed: 3″
OAL Open:  5″
Sheath: Leather

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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Darriel Caston

Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker 

 ~  I have 0 Left In Stock ~ 

I’m pleased to offer this distinctive creation ~ the Darriel Caston’s Katana X ~ SR71  

darriel caston katanax closed

By Depressing and Sliding the Extended Stud on this Darriel Caston KatanaX, the blade will Stop in both the Open, Mid Stop and Closed Positions.  This is a manual compression lock – out the front – which allows the Blade to slide smoothly forward out of the frame only when you want it to. To Lock the Knife closed, simply turn down the Extended Stud.

darriel caston katanax open

Once fully extended from the Titanium Frame, the M390 Blade Locks into position.  

A Truly Unique and useful Blade with an Incredibly Innovative Concept lock. This small knife is both convenient and Legal to carry in most any State or situation. 

darriel caston katanax reverse

This unique Knife comes complete with a Zipper Storage Box. 

A unique and extremely well made knife!  

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Blade Steel

Type of knife

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