Mutsumi Hinoura – Hand Forged Santoku – Aogami Super – Red Ebony


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker
Handle Material: Red Ebony / Buffalo Horn 
Blade Steel: Aogami Super
Blade Length: 6  5/8″
OAL: 12  1/4

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  ~ Direct from the Maker ~ 

 Mutsumi Hinoura is a Fourth Generation Bladesmith who lives in Sanjo, in the Niigata region of Japan.  He is the son of renowned Bladesmith Tsukasa Hinoura who is a Third Generation Bladesmith and has been making knives since 1975. Mutsumi studied industrial engineering at Niigata College of Technology and graduated in 2001, then he began working as a full time Bladesmith. Like his father, he is very active in promoting the art of Bladesmithing within the Niigata region. Mutsumi has become famous for his craftsmanship and ability to forge knives with excellent balance, sharpness and a stark beauty that speaks to Japan’s feudal past. Mutsumi specializes in hand forging San Mai blades from the highest quality carbon steel, Aogami Super Steel. Many Knife Makers and Owners feel that Aogami Super Steel is among the best Carbon Steels for use in making Kitchen knives. 

~ Direct from the Maker ~

Back in Stock!  Limited Quantity!

Direct from Mutsumi -this model is his Santoku ~ the Japanese equivelant of a Western Chef knife. Santoku is translated as “Three Purpose” ~ built for Slicing, Dicing and Mincing.  Slightly shorter than a standard chef’s knife, it is very easy to maneuver. Plenty of curve to the cutting edge for Rocking cuts and enough blade length for longer slicing.  Many cooks swear by their Santoku for easy food preparation and top performance.  Forged in a Kuro-Uchi style finish – Perfect for all types of push cutting or slicing, this is one of those blades you will love to use again and again.   

Matsumi Hand Forged the San Mai blade to shape with an Aogami Super High Carbon Steel core ~ it has a Rockwell of 63 and a Cutting Edge of approx 6  5/8″ (approx 165 mm) with a Distal Taper and a Razor Sharp Edge. 

Mutsumi’s Signature is Etched into every blade for Authenticity. The Lamination Line is clearly visible and the blade was Hand Sharpened sharpened on increasing grits of Natural Japanese Waterstones by Mutsumi to a Polished, Laser sharp edge.

Mutsumi passes his blades to another Master who completes the traditional Japanese handling process. This is the way that Japanese Swords and knives have been made for centuries.  This knife has a beautiful Red Ebony handle with Buffalo Horn Ferrule 

The handle was crafted in the Traditional Shinogi “D” Shaped Handle, with a Ridge running the Full Length of the Side, esp comfortable for Right Hand use and Large enough to fit any size Grip. 

The Hinoura Santoku is enjoyed for all fine detail cutting in the Kitchen. The Fine Grain of the Premium Carbon Steel Core will slice easily through even the toughest vegetable skin or meat and will be a joy to use. 

 This Hinoura Santoku comes complete in a Presentation Box 

This knife will appeal to anyone who values true hand made tools with a rich history.  

An incredible value for a Hand Forged Blade of this size and quality.   

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Additional information

Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 1 in
Blade Steel

Type of knife

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