Viking Whetstone Necklace – Jasper


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Length: 2  3/4″
Width: 1/2


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Viking Whetstones 

During the Viking Age, intensive international trade spread over large parts of the world. Trading places because significant meeting points. People met there from near and far, to do business. These places became important harbors for importing and exporting goods. Some were based on local specialties, while others existed merely because of their geographical position.

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The Vikings traded in Whetstones similar to this one which were often worn as pendants. Similar pendants have been found in Kalåstad, Norway, Birka and York, England.  

The York Whetstone is of a non-local stone and today we can trace where the stones were mined. They are cut from Solid Pieces of Banded Jasper that come in many different natural colors of Reds and Greens. 

These seem about Midway between hard white and hard black Arkansas stones in action. That means they are very fine grained and suitable for Honing a Fine Edge on your Blade or Fish Hook.

The whetstones were very important for the Vikings.  Metal tools and edges had to be sharp and kept in good condition.

Whetstones similar to this have been found in Viking graves and sites all over the world  

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