An often-repeated question we answer is, “Why are Rockstead Knives often hard to find?

The answer to this question involves some explanation of detail; but the simple answer is because they are among a select group of knives that are made by Master Craftsmen to such high quality standards. Fort Henry Custom Knives in Kingsport, Tennessee, was one of the first dealers in the United States to carry Rockstead Knives, and has been a trusted, direct channel since 2006.

Why Are Rockstead Knives Often Hard to Find? – A History of Fine Craftsmanship

Rockstead Knives are building on a family history of fine craftsmanship that dates back over 70 years. Sakai master craftsman manufactured edged implements for farming and horticulture before turning their skills and experience toward personal cutlery. For approximately 17 years Rockstead Knives has been in existence, they have followed the same Sakai principles of hand crafting each and every knife, with the assistance of their own special machining tools.

Why Are Rockstead Knives Often Hard to Find? – A Proprietary Process

The unique machine tools used to manufacture Rockstead blades and knife components enhance the hand-machining process that is applied to every knife. Every swivel mechanism, Sting Ray insert, and Thumbstud undergoes its own particular manufacturing and assembly process that is cross-checked among the eight-person Rockstead team for quality control.

Each Rockstead blade is crafted from YRX7 or ZDP189 select steel. Every blade is shaped, hardened, coated, sharpened, and finished by Rockstead proprietary techniques to produce the truly unique mirror-like surface and smooth cutting edge. These hardened blades can cut through 25mm of manila rope 500 times and yet still cleanly slice a sheet of paper.

Why Are Rockstead Knives Often Hard to Find? – A Group of Select Dealers

Due to their incredibly high quality standards, Rockstead Knives are only produced in small groups of 10-25 pieces of a particular model at one time. The eight-man team of Rockstead craftsmen each perform specific roles in the overall manufacturing process. These roles overlap as each checks the other’s quality of work. As a result, only about 50-60 pieces are completed and shipped for sale each month, totaling around 600-800 pieces per year.

A group of select dealers like Fort Henry Custom Knives keep a standing order for as many different models of Rockstead Knives as possible, but only a few are received at a time at irregular intervals as they finish production. Why are Rockstead Knives often hard to find? At any single time, different dealers may have varying models of knives available, and these are often sold quickly by discerning users and collectors.

Why are Rockstead Knives often hard to find? Because they are some of the most unique knives in all the world for their toughness, sharpness, quality, and beauty. Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a select Rockstead Knives dealer and we strive to keep a selection of models for the serious knife connoisseur. Visit our selection of Rockstead Knives to discover which models are currently available and check back often for new selections. You can also sign up to receive an Automated Notification when new shipments arrive by using our Maker Email Alerts system.