Zubeng Forge – Tamahagane Hunter


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Stabilized Maple Burl
Blade Steel: Hand Forged Tamahagane
Blade Length: 4  1/2″
OAL: 9
Sheath: Leather
Guard: Integral

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 Zubeng Forge is a Smithy in the heart of China, Master Rich Chen uses an Ancient formula to create true Tamahagane steel for his swords and knives.  Making Tamahagane steel is a long and labor intensive process which starts with select Iron Sand and other Natural materials that are found in only a few places in the world.

Here is a video of Master Chen making Tamahagane for his Sword


  Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to the EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DEALER for Master Rich Chen of Zubeng Forge

 Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker from the Blade Show 2013 

Exclusively at Fort Henry Custom Knives 

Master Chen brought me a piece of the actual Tamahagane Steel as it appears “In Process” 

 This is a Full Convex blade hunting knife, hand crafted from the same hand made Tamahagane steel as Ancient Chinese swords.  

Differential Heat Treat leaves an intricate flowing Hamon which defines the hardness zones of the blade from the Softer spine and is clearly visible in all true Tamahagane pieces. 

The Stabilized Maple Burl  handle has beautiful almost hidden Grens and Rich Browsn along with wonderful natural grain. It is thick and nicely contoured with a Forward Finger placement area on each side of the handle, the Red Liners and Mosaic pins certainly add more eye appeal.  

This knife blade has the same shape as traditional Chinese Swords, the Convex edge is amazingly sharp – it provides both strength and precision cutting ability and only Stropping is recommended to maintain the edge.  

  This knife comes complete with a thick Custom leather belt sheath that can be work Vertically on the RH side.

Or also worn Horizontally on as a Cross Draw.    


A beautiful hand made blade with the Sweat and Soul of the Maker in the Steel. 

A true Traditional that will be a treasured part of any collection. 

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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