Ted Taylor – Frontier Tomahawk and Knife Set


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Ted Taylor


  I love history, I am extremely fond of knives that are made to resemble the tools that Pioneers and Early Americans relied on for every day survival.  This genre of knife making takes alot of research and skill with various materials to accomplish successfully and I am always excited to see a Knife Makers’ work who has gotten it just right! 

Ted has been crafting knives for several years and makes everything from Bowies and Fighters to everday working knives, but in my opinion Ted does the Period / Frontier style especially well.  I just received several knives from Ted and I know you will really enjoy seeing his work. 

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Ted Taylor custom knives


 Brand New ~ Just Received from the Maker

This is a Ted’s Frontier Set ~ a matching full size Tomahawk, Sabre knife and Stand done with amazing style and attention to detail.

First the Fighter / Poll Hawk ~ it has an Overall Length of 18 1/2″ 


The handle is a flawless single piece of Curly Maple with so much fire when rotated back and forth that it looks three dimensional!   The cutting edge of the Hawk is 2  3/4″ and the poll is 3/4″ square.  Under the Hawk head Ted placed a thick Rawhide handle shield (laced and tacked) and to that he added Beads, Tin and Brass Cones and Horse Hair and Leather accents.  

The Head of the Hawk was hand ground from a single piece of Carbon steel Damascus with over 1,000 layers.  

Next the Sabre knife, this style of knife was common during the turn of the century. Sabre blades were often broken on the battlefield, Steel being a precious commodity the swords that were broken had their pieces recycled into fighting knife blades.

/   The knife blade measures 9  1/4″ and was hand ground from beutiful Bird’s Eye Carbon Steel Damascus that has over 2,000 layers and a very tight pattern. 


  The knife handle is 4  1/2″ and was made with a single piece of Curly Maple, also lots of color and fire. 


The amazing Sheath for the knife was also made by Ted. It is an authentic heavy Rawhide and Leather Shoulder carried sheath with Leather and Horse Hide accents.   


To display this complete set, Ted has included a stand which consists of a rustic 100+ year old Oak board with Whitetail Horn hanger and Whitetail Crown base.  

This set is so large when assembled I resorted to taking the picture outside, please excuse the quality.  I will include a picture of the set assembled in the box for the new owner


Overall, this is an icredible set that will be the pinnacle of any period collectors collection.  But for the Reenactor who wants the best, this set will peform in the field or your next Rendevouz.


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