Ted Taylor – Frontier Relic replica – Green River Skinner


Item Condition: New
Source:  From Maker 
Handle Material: Deer Antler
Guard: Brass
Blade Steel: 1095
Blade Length: 5  3/4″
OAL: 10  3/4
Sheath: Leather

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Ted Taylor

  I love history, I am extremely fond of knives that are made to resemble the tools that Pioneers and Early Americans relied on for every day survival.  This genre of knife making takes alot of research and skill with various materials to accomplish successfully and I am always excited to see a Knife Makers’ work who has gotten it just right! 

 I want to introduce to you Ted Taylor.  Ted has been crafting knives for several years and makes everything from Bowies and Fighters to everday working knives, but in my opinion Ted does the Period style especially well.  I just received several knives from Ted and I know you will really enjoy seeing his work. 

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Ted Taylor custom knives

  Brand New ~ Just Received from the Maker

At the turn of the century good metal, especially a good knife, was a precious commodity.  If a Sabre or Bayonet broke on the Battlefield, it was often re-fashioned into a knife.  This thought also extended to the most popular Skinners of their time, the Sheffield Green River Skinners.  This wonderful Early American Skinner that Ted has created harkens back to that time and this piece reflects that discarded Green River Skinner blade repurposed for a second life.    

The handle on this fine piece is an naturally shed Whitetail Deer Antler that has been aged and cured, it has rich Brown color with excellent Gnarly Grain and shrunken Rawhide haft area and Copper Pins. 

The modified “S” Shape of the overall knife is very comfortable and secure feel when holding the knife. The 1095 Carbon Steel blade has been Differentially Heat Treated, given a near Full Height Convex Grind and Ted has applied an aged Patina over the Gorgeous Hamon for an authentic turn of the century look. 

The period Sheath was also made by Ted, a custom Leather Belt sheath, which will hold the knife very securely for extra protection. 

Thick Leather pieces are held together with Wax Thread and holds the knife very securely.  Meant to be carried in under a Belt (Mountain Man style) or inside a Boot – there is no Belt Loop.

Ted really captures the true Frontier flavor with his work. 

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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