Randall Made Knives – Vintage Cattleman


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Ivorite 
Blade Steel: O-1  
Blade Length: 3″
Guard: Brass
OAL: 7  5/8
Sheath: Leather

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   Brand New Randall Made Knife  

 An extremely nice Randall Made Cattleman’s Knife with a wonderful aged Ivorite Micarta Handle   

In the old west, this type of Sheepsfoot blade was preferred for Trimming Hooves, cutting Tangled Rope or other general chores as it gives the most cutting edge and is easiest to control ~ preventing injury to the user or the animal. 

This example has a Beautiful Aged Ivorite handle with Flatted Sides on the handle.   

   Brass Guard with excellent Soldering job – Has Black & Brass Spacers configuration on the Front and Black Space and Brass Flat Buttcap.  

It has an impeccable grind with Custom Thumb Ridges on the Spine.

It is one of the few Randalls that feature the Small Makers Stamp.

 This is an Elegant Little blade that would make an excellent EDC or Concealable Back up Blade.

 This knife comes with the Original Smooth Back Randall Sheath and is MINT. Rich, dark Shoulder Leather was used on this Sheath, very nice!

Stamped with the correct Period Sullivan’s Stamp

A Mint Randall combo priced right! 

Complete with a Black Padded Zipper Storage Pouch. 

Previously owned but never used, carried or Sharpened.


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in