Jason Guthrie

Visit this maker’s website here: https://jgcustomknives.com/

Jason Guthrie was born and raised in South Africa. He has grown up in the outdoors, fishing, hunting and spending time in what is called the “Bush”. Having a knife with him in these environments has always been very important.
From the age of 16, he has worked at his family’s 3rd Generation Shooting Range / Gun Shop (Where the Ranger is made today). The next 13 years, he has spent his time as a Firearm Instructor/Officer, with a hand in Gunsmithing. His Father (Fitter and Turner by trade) taught him all that he knows about engineering. During this time, he became a serious collector, and enjoyed all the technical aspects and science behind knives. He collected anything from Damasteel Victorinox to Marfione Customs.
In 2014, he decided to make knives as a hobbyist. His go-to knife was a Spyderco Military, with its decent sized blade, and slim practical carry. His goal was to make something as practical and useful as the Military, and the Ranger was the result.
Knives became his profession shortly after the Ranger hit the market. He is now constantly trying to improve the Ranger, with new systems, procedures
and lock up mechanisms.
In 2015 he attended his first knife show, USN Gathering 7, and was pleasantly surprised with the whole knife community! He always says, “its the supporters that keep us makers enthusiastic to work as hard as we do” so he would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read this and get to know where The Ranger and its siblings come from!

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