Greg Lightfoot

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Greg started out in 1998 thinking he could make a better knife than the ones he was buying, and he has been a full-time knife maker ever since. He was a Machinist in his former job, and he knew how to work with steel; but it was harder to get noticed back in the days without Internet, so he had to get pictures of his knives in magazines and also run ads in those magazines.

Rod Olson was an early mentor and showed him the ropes of tactical folder engineering. Tony Marfione taught him how to do a hollow grind in 1999, and in 2000 his L-CC went gold at the Atlanta Blade Show.

Another early design influence came from Joel Pirela; Greg thought he made a sweet knife and a number of his designs inspired Greg’s.

He met Jared Van Otterloo in 2014, and his energy and passion for knives and social media gave Greg new ideas. Greg loved his folder design ideas, and he had the ability to support and enhance his own designs and make them better. This coalesced into a true collaboration and his newest designs.

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