Don Andrade

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Don Carlos Andrade is a bladesmith maker, sculptor, chef and teacher living is Los Osos, California. He has been formally trained as a chef and sculptor.

From 1988 to 2001, his primary focus was in casting unique sculpture in bronze. He began carving stone sculptures in 1995. He was an instructor at Cuesta Community College, in the art department, where he taught stone carving from 1999 to 2004. He began to apprentice with master metalsmith Tai Goo in 2006.

His interest in handmade knives began in 1985 when he entered culinary school in Los Angeles. There he saw his first custom knife made entirely made by hand. Eventually, he began to buy and sell one-of-a-kind knives to educate himself in cutlery. Inspecting the various knives and testing them in the kitchen and in the outdoors informed him about the value of a well-made knife. He discovered what he liked about certain styles of knives and found that knives created from carbon steel often out-performed those made from stainless steel. As he tested and collected knives, he became interested in bladesmithing and he made his first knife in 2006.

Bladesmithing involves a blend of skills that drew on his previous experiences as a sculptor, including his background in fabricating and casting metals. Recently, he has focused on knives for the kitchen and camp. He enjoys creating integral knives forged from round stock and will continue to produce them for the joy of making them.


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