Steve "Doc" Shiffer

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I started making knives in 2000. I have been lucky enough to have some good makers share their knowledge and experience with me. In the beginning Gary Ford, Dennis Phillips and Alex Daniels were a huge help. More recently Jerome Anders, Matt Lamey, Mel Pardue and Jim Burke have been kind enough to answer questions for me. Along with a host of others along the way. 

I’m currently on the Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Knife Makers Assn.

I joined the Navy in 1987 as a Corpsman. Served the majority of my enlistment with the Marines at 2nd Division. Did a deployment to Africa and Operation Desert Storm. When I got out I went to Paramedic school and have been one since 1994. Have been a Tactical Medic for 3 different Sheriff Departments. Done some contracting in Afghanistan and am currently teaching Basic and Advanced Medical Skills as a contractor for the US Army. I also rejoined the reserves a couple of years ago and am working with 3rd Force Recon. I just came off activation with them.

Having this background I feel give me a good appriciation for what it takes to make a good working knife. And has dispelled alot of the ideas of what I thought was important in a knife before.


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