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Elliot Williamson has had a knife in his hand since he was four years old, thanks to his grandfather.

The day finally came when his taste in knives out-grew his wallet and he started asking questions, like why some knives were so expensive and why it costs an arm and a leg to get a decent sword. Now he knows why.

What he found was an entire other world of custom blade smiths, some of whome made a living making knives. He was instantly impressed by the masters like Jay Fisher, Don Fogg, and the late Jim Schmidt.

What began in his garage has grown tremendously, since 2009. He managed to infect his brother Chris with the knife making bug and together they have grown as brothers and business partners. That growth has required evolution in every aspect of what they do at Ferrum Forge Knife Works. What used to be cut with a bandsaw is now water jet or laser cut, what was once milled on a manual mill is now CNC milled (even though they still do a lot of manual mill work), and all of that evolution has lead to them making better and better knives with every run they produce. Their tolerances are tighter, their assembly times are shorter, and they can make more knives  at a more affordable price point with more value than they ever could have before. The evolution of their production methods has lead them to cutting edge manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing via electron beam melting and kept them focused on using high end, high value materials.

He never wants Ferrum Forge to be hampered by any particular set method of knife production and the way they make knives will always evolve as they find better ways to craft man’s second oldest tool. It is often hard for people to classify their knives because they blend modern manufacturing method and hours of hand time in every knife, that’s why they don’t bother with labels anymore, they just make good knives.


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