Eric Ochs

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Eric Ochs’s transition into knife making was inevitable. Eric has always had a fascination for tools, especially knives; and he also began collecting production and custom knives when he was introduced to them in high school by a group of friends. The custom knives he collects are predominantly fixed blades for hunting, made by Bob Dozier and Newt Livesay.

He reground and shaped some items starting in 1990’s but started making knives seriously in 2007, and by 2008 he was selling them. In January of 2011 was when he began making knives full-time.

In Eric’s previous life, he was a homebuilder and then became an appraiser. During this time, he picked up the art of knife making. Eric is primarily self taught. Most of the suggestions that he received for refinement were from Wayne Goddard. Later on, he formed a friendship with Thad Buchanan, the man who taught Eric how to do a Loveless grind.

Ochs spends most of his time in his workshop in Sherwood, OR. He enjoys making flipping tactical knives the most, but is particularly drawn to large flippers because they are “such fun to play with.”


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