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Ed Fowler MS

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Ed considers himself an explorer in whatever frontier he may find of interest. His life is one of knife maker, rancher, writer and reader.

His absoloute dedication to a knife based upon function rather than fashion or glitter has resulted in knives that are immediately recognized as coming from his hands. Each is totally hand crafted by him as it is guided in it journey to becoming an honest knife. Each knife carefully developed step by step to be an individual statement of its own. Blades are hand forged and hand ground. He takes no shortcuts in the careful development of each and every knife he makes.

Born in the Rockies of Colorado, he has always been fascinated with knives and nature. He has worked in timber, construction, in law enforcement and now on a ranch on the Wind River less than a mile from the 1838 fur traders rendezvous sight in Riverton, Wyoming. He farms and ranches full time, and has done volunteer work (to evaluate knives) on the kill floor. All his experiences have taught him that personal attitude and preparedness are very important factors of survival.

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