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Craig Camerer

Visit this maker’s website here: Craig Camerer

His interest in knives began when he was a young boy. He received a knife carved from a piece of drift wood by his father and the love of knives began. When he was a kid he had an extensive collection of factory knives that his mother allowed him to own. Believe it or not he was even allowed to carry them in him pockets and basically everywhere! He was seldom without a knife and the trend carries on today. As he got older, he got into custom knives. Since he enjoys working with his hand, he tried to make some knives and while crude, they did spark a passion. At first he used stock removal for the knives but quickly realized he loved to forge. This all took place in 2000; by 2001 he had joined the ABS as an apprentice smith. In 2004 he tested for his journeyman smith status and got it. He also became a member of the Professional Knifemakers Association and has attended that show since 2001.

His favorite types of knives are Bowie knives, both large and small. However, he does build almost every other type of knife. He builds knives based on his own designs, historical pieces and will also work with customers’ designs.

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