Allen Elishewitz

Visit the maker's website:  Allen Elishewitz 

All Allen's knives are made by hand using manual machines. He does not employ CNC machines or outside vendors to aid in the creation of his knives. All the work is done by himself using the stock removal method.

Each Elishewitz custom knife created is unique because it is not built like any other custom knife. Each and every aspect of the knife is thought-out, designed and executed to ensure that it can be handed down for several generations. The tight tolerances that are used to make the knives, the over-engineered components and many other often overlooked details, is what make Elishewitz Custom Knives so unique.

He uses RWL and Damasteel, which are two very refined Swedish stainless steels. He has chosen them for their ability to hold a keen edge and the refinement of the grain structure. The steels are heat-treated and double tempered to ensure optimal performance. He uses a variety of exotic handle materials.

All his knives are guaranteed against flaws in the craftsmanship. However certain natural materials such as ivory and wood are not covered due to their unpredictability. Disassembling, abusing or tampering with the knife will void the warranty and a fee will be charged to repair any damages.

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