Olamic Cutlery – Ural Mtn Skinner Jr


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Carved Palisadner Wood 
Blade Steel: High Carbon Vanadium Damascus
Blade Length: 3  1/4″
OAL: 7  7/8″
Sheath: Leather
Guard: Integral

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width=155    OLAMIC CUTLERY

   Olamic Cutlery is a relatively new company based in California.  They employ six Craftsman in Central Russia who hand forge and shape the blades.

Damascus steel and its characteristics have been a mystery in modern metallurgy, until John D. Verhoeven, Emeritus Professor in Materials Science and Engineering conducted a study along with master bladesmith Alfred H. Pendray. They set out to find out exactly what made Damascus steel so legendary. The secret turned out to be the combination of banded iron carbide particles and softer steel. Such molecular composition gave Damascus steel a hard cutting edge along with a rugged flexibility. But what specifically made it so? Research showed that the steel mix is crucial and must contain one of two (or both) secret ingredients: Vanadium and Molybdenum. Small traces of these elements added to high-carbon steel produced impeccable carbide bonds and thus unlocked the reason why Damascus is king of steel.

“For our Olamic Cutlery Damascus we use four types of Russian Steel, this creates a balanced mix of High-Carbon and Nickel steels.  The goal in our Damascus is Edge Retention and real world hunting knife performance.  We are able to achieve this using lessons learned from History and those uncovered by Mr. Verhhoeven. The Chemical composition of our Damascus features both Vanadium and Molybdenum, making for a superior and historically accurate steel. After Acid Etching, a beautiful damascene pattern is uncovered to add that final touch to every Olamic Cutlery hunting knife.  

Damascus is an ancient art and we aim to keep it alive for generations forrth. The word “Olamic” literally means “Lasting through Eternity” and that is exactly what we’ve set out to do.” 

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Direct Dealer for Olamic Cutlery

~ Direct from the Maker from the Blade Show 2015 ~     

Here is a gorgeous Personal Sized Hunter / Skinner, this is a new slightly reduced size just created by Olamic, a superb blend of quality materials in a comfortable package ~ the Ural Mountain Skinner Jr 


  The handle is Hand Carved from a Single Block of Palisander Wood!  


This is a Full Grip handle with no room wasted, is perfectly shaped to keep the ForeFinger in it’s place and the knife securely in your hand.


The High Carbon Vanadium Damascus blade is slightly greater than 1/8″ thick and was Hand Forged in the proprietary Storms of Jupiter Damascus pattern, the expert Etch on the blade shows the Extremely Tight, Complex layers to the pattern.  


The Beautiful Proprietary “Storms of Jupiter” HCV DBlade is Stamped with Individual Serial Number of # 1894


The blade shape is a Modified Drop Point with a Mid Height Hollow Grind.  


The Right Hand Leather Belt sheath is a Custom Nordic style, Wet Molded sheath ~ the knife LOCKS into the sheath, you can’t even turn it upside down and shake it out! 


The Reverse features a Durable Double Hand Stitch! 


  This knife includes a packet of information ~a color Certificate of Authenticity with Material details and a Padded Zipper Storage Case. 


An excellent value on this beautiful Hand Made Skinner.    

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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