Hiroaki Ohta – Custom Box Cutter – Quilted Curly Maple


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Quilted Curly Maple
OAL:  5  3/8

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Hiroaki Ohta 

  Hiroaki Ohta has been hand crafting knives since 1989 and began knife making Full Time in 1998.  His folding knives are prized the world over for their precision and beauty.  Hiroaki Ohta’s knives have been featured in the KNIVES Annuals and in BLADE magazine.  

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a direct Dealer for Hiroaki Ohta custom knives

~ Direct from the Maker ~

 At a show several years ago, Hiroaki gifted my Wife and I a couple of these Custom Box Cutters ~ we really fell in love with the comfort and ease of use of this Hand Made Tool!

Wanna know what the knife we use most in our Office is?  You are looking at it! 

 I ordered these from Hiroaki recently ~ I think will find this tool is both fun and handy.

These Ohta Box Cutters have an Integral Stabilized Wooden handle, carved from a SINGLE PIECE of Quilted Curly Maple

The interior was carved out to accept a Stainless Track that holds an *Extendable & Replaceable Razor Blade System. When the Blade edge segment gets dull, just break it off and a new edge is ready to go. 

By Simply depressing the Button and sliding forward the user can control how far the Razor Blade extends.  

Ohta box cutter button

*Each Cutter comes with a Stainless Blade already Installed ~ PLUS – TWO EXTRA FREE Blades for future use!  

Ohta box cutter extra blades

Once Extended, the Razor Blade on this Ohta Box Cutter is used until the edge becomes dull and the user can Break Off the used section to reveal New / Sharp section of the Blade.

Ohta box cutter blade

Body of this Ohta Box Cutter is One Single Piece of wood with the Stainless Track and an Integral Stainless Extended Nib to guard the Blade Edge. 

A wonderful and useful item that will appeal to anyone who enjoys Hand Made quality. 

We have multiples of these Ohta Box Cutters so there will be slight variations in the Color and Grain of the Wood from what you may see in the pictures.

Check out other items by Hiroaki Ohta on our website HERE

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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