Sergey Rogovets – XR-3F – One Off


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Solid Titanium
Blade Steel: CTS-XHP
Blade Length: 3  3/4″
OAL: Open 9

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Sergey Rogovets     

             I am VERY Excited to introduce this talented young Maker to my customers.  His work has been burning up the Internet as others have discovered it and shared their enthusiasm on all the Social Media sites.  As his popularity grows, so will his Prices! 

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Sergey Rogovets

~ Direct from the Maker ~ 

Sergey uses NO CNC, Waterjet or Computer Lathe on ANY of his parts for his knives.  ALL aspects of the knife are created One at a Time, in his Shop.  From Cutting Parts to Heat Treating the Blade ~ Sergey performs all operations by hand and controls everything in order to insure the Highest Quality! 

This is Sergey Rogovets incredibly popular XR-3F ~ Unique Flipper


    This knife showcases Sergey’s talent not only for knife design, but also his Precision Craftsmanship and creative Art execution on the Thick Titanium Handles.  

This knife has impeccable Action with a Superb Detent and Caged Bearings ~ just the right amount of force needed on the Flipper Mechanism (no wrist action needed at all). The Custom Faux Bolster and One off Texture & Anodizing really add an amazing visual aspect.


  The Uniquely Shaped CTS-XHP Blade was given a Dark Acid Washed Tumbled Finish (along with a Special Edition Copper “Eye” embedded in the Blade) and then Sergey created a dramatic looking Faux Hamon along the edge!  


Excellent Early Lock up and smooth release. Plus, this knife features a Replaceable, Hardened D2 Steel Lock Face Insert!  


Sergey designed the Replaceable Lock to do Double Duty as the Lock Bar Over Travel Stop. 

The knife has a full thick Titanium frame and a Special Edition Custom COPPER backspacer.  


A Custom, Matching Pocket clip allows for deep, discreet carry.  Also, this knife has a Copper Pivot Collar! 


Complete with COA and pouch


Plus a HUGE – Water Tight Pelican Case – Signed by the Maker



Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in