Serge Panchenko – Bean Cleaver Midtech


Item Condition: New

Handle Material: Titanium

Blade Steel: CPM 154

Blade Length: 1  3/4″

OAL: Open  5″

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Serge Panchenko

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a dealer for Serge Panchenko

~ Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker ~ 

Serge has brought another of his extremely clever smaller knives to market, this is a Friction Folder with a nice Detent semi Lock that he calls the Bean Cleaver


Friction Folder is the oldest of folding knife designs, ancient Friction Folders have recently been discovered in Rome where they were a standard item for men of wealth and privilege! 

The action on this knife is VERY Smooth.  It has not one, but two Detents that serve a purpose.


  While this one is a Friction Folder it also has a Detent on the Inside of the Tension Bar that helps the blade stay in the open position, while not quite a lock it is a nice innovation. 


The Cleaver Shaped blade of this friction folder is made from CPM154.  


The action just right on this knife, the pivot can be loosened or tightened but this one is perfect the way it is.  

The size of the handle insures room enough for a Three Finger Grip, also the Full Titanium scales have custom 3D Circles on the front to help improve the grip of the knife.  The extended Tang sits completely down into the handle to insure a comfortable grip.

An affordable well built knife that has amazing versatility. 



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