Mickael Moing – Higonokami _ Bamboo


Item Condition: New
Handle Material:  Bamboo
Blade Steel: Forged 1084
Blade Length: 3  1/2″
OAL: Open 8

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A very good European Customer of mine led me to an Aritist in France named Mickael Moing.

When I saw the pictures of Mickael’s work I quickly contacted him and placed an order, he explained it would be a few months as he was just so busy.  True to his word I received the knives and I am extremely glad I was patient enough to wait for the order.

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a direct Dealer with Mickael Moing

 Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker  

 This is a traditional utility folding knife, what we may call a Friction Folder, the Europeans once called a Penny knife, if Forged the Japanese refer to it as a Higo-no-Kami.  


This Blade, Pivot and Handle on this example were all Hand Made by Mickael.  The handle is Aged/Cured Bamboo!      


When the blade is opened the exposed Tang folds back into the handle and then the Thumb rests on it to help keep the blade in place. 


  The Blade was Forged from 1085 and given a Differential Heat Treat with Visible Hamon which leaves the Edge Hard the Spine Softer. 

The thick Bamboo handle is large enough for a Full Grip and has a very comfortable feel.


This knife will appeal to anyone who values true hand made tools with a rich history.  


A Robust, Hand Crafted Traditional tool with wonderful artistic attributes. 



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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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