Michael Zieba – Limited Edition – Mystic – Bimetal Lanyard Beads


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker
Handle Material:  Bronze & Silver
OAL-Bead:  1″

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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Michael Zieba

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~ Just Received – Direct from the Maker ~  


LIMITED EDITION ~ Hand Cast Bronze & Sterling Silver Beads 

I have ONLY ONE of Each Bead 

Each of these were produced in a very Limited Number ~ from his new Mystic line each  3D Lanyard Bead is first Hand Cast in Bronze using the Lost Wax Method that provides exquisite detail to every aspect.  A second Casting is then done in .925 Jewelry Grade Sterling Silver as an Overlay on the Bronze bead.

Each bead has amazing detail and very unique coloring ~ the entire surface area has custom detailing.  

These Cast Bronze Beads are Robust and each was given an aged Patina to give it this unique coloring.

 Just a great piece with distinct style and craftsmanship. 

Look for other Limited Edition Zieba Beads an Knives elsewhere on my website. 

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

Hermes, Butterfly Skull, 3rd Eye Skull, Smoking Rabbit