Michael Zieba – Custom Leather Strop


Item Condition: New
Material: Leather 
OAL: 18″


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Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Michael Zieba



~ Direct from the Maker from the Blade Show 2015 ~ 

This piece is part of Michael’s Leather Line

* I have Only 1 In Stock ~ then I will take Orders with 2-3 week Delivery 

This is a Custom Made Traditional Leather Strop – one just like this was a Staple in every Barber Shop at the turn of the Century.


It has a Strong Leather, Thick Saddle Leather Attachment area at the Top.


Hand Crafted from Thick Shoulder Leather ~ the Strop Area is 18″ Long and a Full 2″ inches Wide.  This size is large enough to acmmodate any knife or Straight Razor. 

This Strop has 2 Sides, a Rough Side and a Smooth Side.  

The Rough Side is meant for starting an edge and Custom Abrasive Rouge may be applied by the new Owner to speed up the process if desired. 


The Smooth Side is the Finishing side and only a couple of swipes helps to remove any leftover Burr. 


The End is normally held in the hand so this one has Triple Thickness with Clean finished Edges.  Secure, Tight Stitching attaches the end to the Strop.  


Michael also embossed his Logo into the Leather End.


 Just a great piece with distinct style and craftsmanship

* I have Only 1 In Stock ~ then I will take Orders with 2-3 week Delivery 

Watch for the other pieces of the set in coming weeks!


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in