Don Andrade – Modern Puukko


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: Lignum Vitae
Blade Steel: 1065 Carbon Tool Steel
Blade Length: 5  1/4″
OAL: 10  3/4″

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Don Carlos Andrade is a knifemaker, sculptor, chef and teacher living in California. His interest in handmade knives began in 1985 when he entered culinary school in Los Angeles. There, he saw his first hand made chef knife. Don became a collector and began to buy and sell one-of-akind knives to educate himself about cutlery. Inspecting the various knives and testing them in the kitchen and in the outdoors informed him about the value of a well-made knife. He discovered what he liked about certain styles of knives and found that knives created from
carbon steel often out-performed those made from stainless steel.

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Don Andrade

  Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker 


I met Don at a Knife Show a year or so ago, I had seen his fine Chef’s knives on several knife related websites and once I held them I knew  that he was a true artist striving to attain much more than just a sharp edge.  Don may be what some categorize as a true Renaissance Man, the more I spoke with Don the more excited I was to be working with him and sharing his vision.  

HERE is a page with some great background info on Don, his accomplishments and his philosophy on Knife Making. 

Direct from the Maker   

This is a beautiful and wonderfully designed, Hand Forged Modern Puukko

   A traditional Puukko of course has certain defining features, but overall the one characteristic that everyone agrees on is the universal functionality ~ that is what Don has interpreted here but with a couple of updated additions.   

The single piece Lignum Vitae handle has been custom designed and Contoured not only to provide safety by adding an Integral Finger Guard and Flared Butt

and to be robust enough to stand up to hard use without sacrificing comfort (even if wearing Gloves).  Lignum Vitae is a Member of the same Dense, Hardwood family as Ironwood.  

Don hand forged the blade to shape, it has a Full Height Flat Grind and an impeccable Labor Intensive Hand Rubbed Satin Finish. The forward Guard is Aged Paper Micarta as is the Matching Tang Pin. This knife is sure to cut like a laser. 


Don’s Signature is engraved into the Blade, appearing like Runic Symbols the Mark is actually Don’s initials D.C.A. ~ when Don contemplated how to mark his Knives he chose the same Mark he had used in his Sculptures for over 20 years.

(The small dots on the steel in the picture above are from the Sheath, they are not impurities in the steel)

 This knife comes complete in a very thick, upscale Molded Leather Belt Sheath.  The Sheath was crafted from 9-10 oz Shoulder Leather, it is extremely well done and adds significant Nordic looking influence to the package.  

Once you hold and use this knife you will share in Don’s vision of finely crafted steel ~ 100% Made in the USA

An incredible value for a Hand Forged Blade of this size and quality. 

Complete with Signed Certificate of Authenticity / Material Detail Certificate


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 3 in


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