Chad Nichols – Damascus Friction Folder


Item Condition: New
Blade Length: 3  1/4″
OAL: Open  8″
Handle Material: Titanium
Blade Steel: Nichols Stainless Damascus
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Anyone in the knife game today has heard the name of Chad Nichols. Chad has been making High Quality Carbon and Stainless Damascus for almost a decade. His innovative approach to creating unique patterns and custom creations in Bar Steel as well as Titanium has sky rocketed his popularity and to most Makers he is the go to guy for any type of Damascus or MokuTi product.   

 Most often his work compliments someone elses, his steel has appeared in every major knife magazine and large scale publication. And though he has made many knives they are not what he is know for, however as he continues to branch out he has expressed a desire to start creating more knives and Sole Authorship pieces.    

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Chad Nichols 

 Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker 

 Most knife aficionados have seen a Friction Folder.  This was in fact the very first folding knife ~ examples of knives of this type have been discovered with Ancient Viking and Roman treasures, no doubt owned and used by the elite of both cultures. 

Chad has developed a Crossover style of Friction Folder, an innovative style for those who have longed for a Hard Use knife but live in an area where locking knives are forbidden or perhaps someone who just appreciates the traditional design but wants more modern materials. 

This is Chad’s Sole Authorship Friction Folder crafted from the best of materials! 

A beefy knife – the Blade is of course made from Chad’s own High Carbon Damascus Steelhand Ground with a High Hollow Grind.  

Opened using the extended Integral Arm – the action is very smooth and the arm rests securely against the Spine Stop Pin.

Crafted using thick Titanium handle scales that have been 100% Contoured and Double Stonewashed for a tough usable finish. Titanium standoffs offer greater strength without adding weight. 

The blade rests perfectly centered inside the thick Titaniumn Frame

This knife represents a nice blend of a Traditional Pattern and modern Knife making ingenuity.   Meant to be used and enjoyed! 

I have only one! 

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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