Andreas Karampetsos – Nordic Persian – Hand Made


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker 
Handle Material: Pistacia Terebinthus
Ferrule: Stainless Steel 
Blade Steel: Sverker 21
Blade Length: 4  1/4″
OAL: 9  1/4″

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Andreas Karampetsos is one of a very few Knife Makers in the world who uses very little Electric Machinery when Hand Crafting his knives.  Also, Andreas sources all his own Handle Materials from the Forests surrounding his home in either Greece or Canada. Andreas hand crafts his blades using Bohler-Uddenholm Swedish Steels (Elmax or Sverker-21) and sends them out for Professional Heat Treatment. 

Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Andreas Karempetsos 

  ~ Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker ~

I just received another interesting package from Andreas.  This is a knife that pays homage to at least two different International genres, upon first glance the blade has a definite Persian Influence but a student of indigenous knives will also note the Nordic Heritage

   The beautiful Single Piece Pistacia Terebinthus Wood handle has been custom Designed and Contoured to provide safety by conforming comfortably to your grip, the dramatic Fish Tailed shaped Butt and Forward Finger Groove keep the Hand locked into place! 

The handle size is best for someone with Small to Medium sized hands. Andreas used only Files to shape the Handle and the outline of the Blade.  The Sverker-21 Recurve Blade has a Mid Height Convex Grind with a Polished Edge Bevel. Andreas also gave the blade a Beautiful Hand Rubbed Mirror Polish on the entire surface.  

Andreas’s Maker’s Mark is stamped into every Blade before Heat Treatment. This is a knife that was artistically crafted to be enjoyed visually but also to be used with pride. 

 This knife comes complete in a Custom, Nordic Style Two Piece Belt Sheath.  The upper portion is Carved and Wet Molded Leather that has been Hand Sewn and Epoxied to the Wooden lower portion. The Knife Locks into place inside the sheath – even if you turned it upside down you cannot even Shake it out.  

The Thick Matching Wood Lower half of the Sheath was Hand Carved (inside and out) and has Windows that allow the Blade to be seen providing dramatic visual appeal.   

Made almost entirely by Hand, this knife will appeal to those who enjoy indigenous knives from around the world.  

This is a One of a Kind piece with an Artistic Heritage 


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