Mitch Jenkins – Loveless Semi Skinner


Item Condition: New
Handle Material: African Cape Buffalo
Blade Steel:

Blade Length: 3"
OAL: 7 3/16"

Stainless Steel

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 Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to be a Dealer for Mitch Jenkins custom knives. 

 I attended a Knife Show recently and though there were many makers present I can tell you the highlight of the show for me was meeting a humble gentleman from Manti, (pronounced MAN -TIE), Utah named Mitch Jenkins.  As I spoke with him and viewed his knives I new immediately knew that this was a Maker destined for greatness.  As if to prove my thoughts Mitch won the Rising Star award for Best New Maker at that Show.   

 A friend and student of S. R. (Steve) Johnson and John Young.  You may not know that Steve Johnson was a young man in Gil Hibben’s Scout troop when he made his first knife.  Years later, young Mitch was in Steve Johnson’s Scout troop when he recreated history and made his first knife.  Mitch has dedicated himself to creating impeccable knives just like his mentor and his friend.

This is Mitch’s Loveless Semi Skinner, complete with Two Custom Leather Sheaths.   

 It has a Mirror polished blade, fully Tapered Tang, Red Fiber Liners, Lined Thong hole and the Soldering of the Tang (which many Makers do not attempt) is so well done that it appears to be one piece of steel. 

Mitch and I talked a bit about the handle material ~ African Cape Buffalo horn.  The Cape Buffalo is one of the "Big Five" from the Dark Continent.  It is dangerous and unpredictable and those brave enough to try and take one are often surprised themselves!  Mitch feels this handle material is as rare as Ivory or good Sambar Stag and he thinks it is often overlooked in the custom knife world.  He tried to leave as much exterior bark and character on the handles as possible. 

   Provided with Two heavy leather sheaths.  One is by famed Sheath Maker Kenny Rowe. Beautiful dark color and wonderful carving.

The other is by the Maker, Hand Stitched and lightly stained.


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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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