Ketuo – Kitchen Shears / Fish DeScaler – Heavy Duty – In Stock


Item Condition: New
Source: From Maker 
Handle Material: 4CR14N Stainless
Length: 10.6″

In stock

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 KETUO is a Small US Based Company, Owned and Operated by Ian Wu.  Ian has a vision of offering Practical Tools for Home and Outodoor use that are are built to impress, yet affordable in price.  Like me, Ian is just one Man – trying to do great things without compromising. 

~ Direct from the Maker ~ 

These would make an Excellent Gift for Avid Cook or Outdoorsman and/or for someone who is not necessarily into Expensive Knives 

I’m always looking for new and different items to offer my customers.  When I ran across these Ketuo Kitchen Shears at the last Show, I knew this was something many would find Extremely useful in the Kitchen or Hunting Pack. 

ketuo kitchen shears front

Ideal for cutting all manner of Raw or Frozen Meat ~ even tough enough to Cut Cleanly through Tough Tendons and Bones!  These Ketuo Kitchen Shears make short work of Whole Chickens or Turkeys, easily Scaling Fish, Trimming Fat or Quickly Chopping Herbs or Vegetables.

 Both pieces of the Shears are made from CR14N Martensitic Steel ~ this Steel offers High Corrosion Resistance, High Hardness for reduced re-sharpening.  The Cutting Blade is Hollow Ground on One Side and has a Sharp Cutting Edge with Precision Fit against the Flattened Opposite blade. 

ketuo kitchen shears blades

The Handles are Solid Stainless (not Hollow) and Concave in Shape for comfortable prolonged use.  They have a Subtle Non-Slip Dimpling to help channel Water or other liquid and keep the shears firmly in your hands when cutting chicken or other slick items. 

ketuo kitchen shears handle

In addition, the Strong Safety Spring Lock allows the kitchen scissors to be completely closed when not in use, Ensuring Safe Portability or Storage as well as also preventing the Edge from being Chipped when stored. 

Also, the Larger Diameter Shaft Pin makes for a much more Robust Cutting tool and will extend the life of the Shears in relation to other, smaller similar tools.

Two different Grades of Fish Scaler Edges on either edge of the Primary Blade are designed specifically to help remove scales quickly from small or large Game Fish.  

Note – When closed the Cutting Edge stops just short of being exposed, this is designed for Safety and allows the Fish Scaler to be used without exposing the opposite blade. 

Made of Thick, High-Quality Stainless steel, these shears are 10.6″ long with a Respectable 3 mm Blade Thickness.  Designed for long life – they are sturdy, durable and Rust Proof. 

These shears come complete in a Presentation Box with Spec Sheet.

An Incredible Value on a very functional Kitchen or Pack Tool 

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in