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Mario / ACutAbove  

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Just Received ~ Direct from the Maker 

At the last NYCKS I was drawn to check out some unique Paracord  related products and discovered a new world of creatively designed items hand made by my new friend Mario aka ACutAbove

Mario is from New Jersey and he is a Knife, Gadget and Paracord enthusiast. Over the last few years he began using new unique techniques and designs to craft items of Paracord, often pairing the Paracord with other elements for purpose as well as asthetics. While much of his knotting is creative he also likes to utilize original knot designs from Maratime history. His abilities include but are not limited to various lanyard designs, paracord bracelets, keychains, beads, handle wrapping and other creative endeavors.

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This is a very clever item that I just could not put down, created as a Paracord Keychain “addition” ~ it is made from intricately wrapped Paracord concealing a 3/4″ Chrome Plated Solid Stainless Steel Ball.  

If attached to your Keychain, the Paracord length is large enough to hold firmly with your fingers while keeping the Stainless end exposed.  This item may be especially comforting to someone who walks a distance to his/her car and would like to carry a “not so obvious” item for personal protection.  

The noose on the end is approx 1 ” long and will fit over a Man’s Middle finger or a Ladies Pointer finger (if a person desires to carry it in hand and not on his/her keychain).  The Paracord on this one is a colorful mix of Camo colors – attractively knotted and tightly woven.

 On this one Mario also chose to attach a Custom Tiki Bead adding a bit whimsy while adding a bit more weight ~ very nice decorative appeal.

Each item is unique and created by Mario – no two are alike.  

A similar Item can be custom Ordered with different colors and combinations – contact me for details! 

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