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Zubeng Forge – EXCLUSIVE Kiridashi – Thin

Your Price: $65.00

Item Condition: New
Source:  Maker
Handle Material: Wrapped Rattan
Blade Steel: Hand Forged Tamahagane
Blade Length: 1  1/4″
OAL: 5  1/2″
Sheath: None

In stock

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Product Description


 Zubeng Forge is a Smithy in the heart of China, Master Rich Chen uses an Ancient formula to create true Tamahagane steel for his swords and knives.  Making Tamahagane steel is a long and labor intensive process which starts with select Iron Sand and other Natural materials that are found in only a few places in the world.

Here is a video of Master Chen making Tamahagane for his Sword


  Fort Henry Custom Knives is proud to the EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DEALER for Master Rich Chen of Zubeng Forge

 ~ Direct from the Maker ~

I have Only One Left In Stock 

Recently Master Chen presented me with a piece of the actual Tamahagane Steel he makes ~ this is as it appears “In Process” 

 This is a Traditional Tool called a Kiri dashi – which literally translated means “to carve out”.  Very popular with Wood Carvers, Bonsai Tree artists and general home use.

IMG_4171_optThese are Hand crafted from the same hand made Tamahagane steel as Master Chen uses to create his Custom Chinese swords.  This version is a Thicker Steel ~ measuring .080 (which is slightly more than 3/16″ thick) and wrapped in a Single Piece or Tough Rattan. 


Differential Heat Treat leaves the Edge hard and sharp (approx 62 Rc). The Cutting Edge is approx 1  1/4″  – 1  1/2″ Long 


A Chisel Ground Edge provides precision cutting ability and only Stropping is recommended to maintain the edge.  

This is an integral piece, the handle is Approx 5  1/2″ Long with a Thong Hole at the End. 

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Hand made Steel with the Sweat and Soul of the Maker.  

A true Traditional tool that will make you smile with its performance.

I have several of these and they are ALL VERY SIMILAR in appearance and size.   


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