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Wicked Edge – Pro-Pak


Item Condition: New from Mfg

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Product Description

Wicked Edge 

The Pro-Pack has been put together in response to numerous requests for the most commonly used items to be bundled together. The Pro-Pack I includes everything you need to use on 90% of the knives you sharpen.

The Stones that make up the Pro Pack are in very high demand since Wicked Edge won Best Accessory of the Year at the 2012 Blade Show.

The Pro-Pack I includes the most essential items bundled together for a truly Wicked Edge on your knives.

The Pro-Pack

Pro Pack 1  Includes:

  • Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener 
  • (2) each of the 100 / 200 & 400 / 600 grit Diamond stones
  • (2) each Extra Fine 800 Grit / Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones 
  • Wicked Edge Brown Faux Leather Look Paperstone Base
  • Leather Strop Pack – with (1) each 5/3.5 Micron Diamond Pastes

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